For 2016, we are proud to be part of the fund-raising campaign #wave1000faces "CashForKids" in association with Wave 105 Radio.

Cash for Kids is the official charity of Wave 105, supporting disabled and disadvantaged children across the south coast. We believe that all children should have the chance to live life to the full and reach their individual potential.

Each year Wave 105 Cash For Kids supports thousands of children from birth to 18 years old who are ill,disabled, underprivileged or who simply need extra care and guidance. The charity does this by providing grants to individual children, other children’s charities, community groups, schools and health organisations.

Every penny raised locally stays local, so you can be sure that your support will directly benefit a local child with a minimum of 80p from every pound donated going to the children.


At all our events - with the permission of the venue management & clients - we will hold collections for Cash For Kids. This will be done by passing a labelled bucket around the audience in order for voluntary donations to be made - a "whip round"!!

Additionally, we will be displaying our direct online donation facility on all our promotional literature - flyers, karaoke bookes etc.

Each month, we will send all the donations direct to Cash For Kids & we will post regular updates on all our social media sites.

With everyone's support, we hope to raise as much as possible.

For online donations - please check our Fundraising blog:

On behalf of Wave 105 #wave1000faces Cash For Kids - A HUGE thanks in advance for any support!!